Blank Laser Check Stock
Blank Laser Check Stock Blank Laser Check Stock Blank Laser Check Stock

8 1/2" x 11"  - These checks come only with the background design and color pre-printed. 

Security Features:  Twelve Security Features, Microprint Warning Band Border w/ Padlock Icon  (Hologram Check has added security)

Paper: 24# Gladfelter Defensa Security Paper with Printloc


Top & Center Checks: 3 1/2" & 7 1/2" 

Bottom Checks:  4" & 7 1/2"

3-To-A-Page Checks:  3 1/2" & 7" & 10 1/2"

Colors Available: (Colors Vary Depending on Position of Check and Perfs)

Hologram Style:  Blue, Burgundy, or  Green, 

Scallop Void Style:  Blue, Burgundy, or  Green,

Marble Style:  Midnight Blue. Grass Green, Burgundy, Teal

Linen Style:  Midnight Blue, Grass Green, Burgundy, Sky Blue, Gray,  Tan 

3-To-A-Page Checks : Available in Linen, Scallop Void, & Prismatic Only Styles

Ships in 1 working day.  Packaging: Poly-wrap protected 

Different quantities available.  Contact us for pricing.